About Hollywood Beverage Liquor Store

Hollywood Beverage provisions revelers with more than 600 varieties of wine, a wealth of cigars, and a bounty of craft beers from throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world at large. The store proudly claims to be the oldest liquor store in Oregon, tracing its lineage back to 1934—just after the repeal of Prohibition ended Americans’ stubborn insistence on drinking alcohol only from bathtubs.

Dan Miner, Owner & Operater Hollywood BeverageOwner-operator Dan shares his State pride by introducing his customers to local products. He hosts tastings on weekends and seeks out local craft beers and wines to stock his store’s shelves. In addition to stogies, wine, and beer, he carries popular mixers from brands such as Freshies and Demetri’s.

We believe we have the best staff of any liquor store in the state.  From a friendly smile to a help out with your purchase, the staff at Hollywood Beverage will ensure your shopping experience is enjoyable.

We Believe In (and Deliver) Great Customer Service

Under new ownership since 2008, Hollywood Beverage has consistently been one of the fastest-growing stores in the state. We feature an extensive collection of vodkas, tequilas, and scotches and showcase all spirits distilled in Oregon and the NW.

Let our friendly staff assist you in finding everything to make the perfect purchase, event, or even the prefect cocktail.